Sunday, June 17, 2012

VBSP 2012!

Hello Friends!

What an adventure these last couple of weeks have been! On June 2nd, I left from Cleveland and headed south to Virginia Beach where I will be spending my time until August 8th. I am here with an organization called CRU. I have been involved with CRU for the past three years at Bowling Green State University and Cru offers this really cool opportunity for students called summer project. I am on summer project for the second year in a row here in Virginia Beach, but there are summer projects all over the U.S., and each summer project also has a different mission, or focus. Here in Virginia Beach I will grow in my faith, as well as, share my faith with others.

I am here with 63 other students and about 30 Cru staff. Each student on project has to get a full time job while we are down here. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to continue to work where I did last year, at a dog kennel called Shipp’s Corner Pet Spa and Resort. I am so excited to be there again and continue to get to know my co-workers! After every day of work, we have a different type of meeting. Monday nights are equipping times and men’s and women’s times. Then on Tuesdays we have bible study, Wednesdays we have prayer and praise, and Thursday is our weekly meeting called PAC AVE, where anyone can come and gain more knowledge about the bible and what Christianity is all about. Then on Friday, we have a free night, Saturday we have a community dinner followed by sharing and talking with people on the beach, and finally Sunday, we go to church and have separate team meetings.  Needless to say, our schedules are very busy, but we also have a lot of fun down here!
The Lord has already taught me so much in the past two weeks here, and I am so eager to see what He has in store for the rest of my summer!

I hope this gives you a better look into what I am doing this summer, and I hope to update you all again soon!

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